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Some Healthy Tips to Improve Liver Functionality

  • Dr. Kaushal Madan
  • Apr 23, 2021 03:32:50 PM
Avoid too much consumption of alcohol

Consumption of alcoholic substances beyond its limit can damage the liver cells. Because alcohol provides almost double calories compared to carbohydrates and protein. These extra calories convert into fats. Liver stores the fat produced and becomes the fatty liver. In such circumstances more alcohol consumption can cause the recurring or persistent swelling commonly known as "Chronic Inflammation" in liver.

If you still continue to drink, the liver's healthy cells continue to damage. As a result, fibrous scar tissue is formed. This is the worst condition called liver cirrhosis, where liver becomes hard. Its proper working affects badly. Even if you still continue to drink there is a fair chances of liver failure or liver cancer. Therefore, it is fair enough to say liquor is injurious to liver or health.

Maintain your weight

Try to keep your body weight maintained. Beyond a point it is really difficult to maintain body weight. You must have seen many people at their middle age have accumulated fat in their abdominal area because their liver become fatty. At this point liver's one of the chief functions burning fats and pumping it out of the body suffers. Take advice from expert on how to lose weight. Perhaps a good live tonic or maple syrup can help you.

Precaution against Hepatitis

Use sterilized or new needle instead of sharing it while injecting drugs. Hepatitis A and B can be prevented through vaccination. Teenager at up to 19 years old can get vaccinated. Hepatitis C is spread via contaminated blood. The donor bloods should get tested for hepatitis C virus.

Healthy eating

Take some professional advice from dietitian. A dietitian can actually figure it out how many calories you need. According to your age, physical activities and work routine make a prefect diet plan. So that your body can better metabolize carbohydrates, protein and fats. Use minerals and vitamins rich natural sweeteners like maple syrup instead of table sugar in your diet. Include fiber rich green vegetables and fruits in your food intake.

Healthy life style

Sleep well up to 8-9 hours. Get some times off from work for your hobbies or do something for health like walking, stair up and down, do meditation, yoga or exercise etc.

Do not overload liver for detoxification

Whatever toxic substances, chemicals or drugs, we inhale or take it goes through liver for detoxification. Therefore, do not smoke and stay away when somebody smokes. Say no to unnecessary chemical drugs and allopathic medicines. Put on a mask when use chemicals. Stay away from toxic atmosphere. The more you overload liver for the process of detoxification, the more it will be inefficient in performing its main functions.