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Healthy Liver for a Healthy Life!

  • Dr. Kaushal Madan
  • Apr 23, 2021 03:32:50 PM

Healthy Liver for a Healthy Life!

In the modern times, pertaining to the lifestyle your liver may have to work overtime to ensure that you live efficiently. New researches that come up with time explain that almost one or two people in ten are found suffering from some kinds of liver issues, such as gall bladder diseases or bile duct. Among the most common kinds of cancers among men is the one associated with liver. Thus, there is a rising need of the best doctor for liver in Delhi.

Almost 350 million people in the world are suffering from a liver disease, Hepatitis B. Approximately 2 million people are die each year due to this. It is among the most infectious diseases and can become the new epidemic plaguing the world. Day by day, such liver issues are increasing and there is often a long wait of the people waiting for the transplant, which may never occur. That is why, it is important for each one of us to maintain a good health and take care of liver right from an early age.

When you consult the best doctor for liver in Delhi for a preliminary examination, he/she may tell you that there can be a range of reasons for the same. Some of these include-

  • - Tumors
  • - Cirrhosis
  • - Chronic and acute hepatitis
  • - Wilson's Disease
  • - Hemochromatosis
  • - Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
  • - Sclerosing Cholangitis

However, the underlying reasons for any or all of these diseases include infections, such as Hepatitis C, B and A, apart from immunological diseases, metabolic conditions and drugs or alcohol. A normal liver can be attained with a range of nutritional medicines.

Liver dysfunctioning is way different than the liver failure. In the former case, your liver may not be on the verge of complete failure and you may not need a transplant. But, in case of dysfunctional liver, you may be able to undo the gross impairment with medicines or minimal invasive surgical procedures